How and where do we sleep?

The guides will get the camps set up and we are provided with sleeping bags and a yoga mat

Are there bathrooms?

While travelling in between if you need to go for naturecall then we need to go behind the trees or look for a location and other people in the group can stand to see no one coming across. Once we camp, separate tents are set up for girls and boys to use as bathrooms. Pits are dug and toilet paper provided.

How about having a bath?

Camping is usually done near a stream of running water and can be used for having bath. However, the water is cold and the group cannot carry so much kerosene to heat water for everyone. They can provide some warm water on alternate days for sponge bath though. They also provide  water to brush and freshen up in the morning

Will they provide drinking water?

The spring water in the mountains is the best for us, its natural and fresh. We should carry our own steel bottles and fill them up during our trek wherever we find streams. In the morning we can be provided with hot water from kitchen before we start walking every day. However, during the day we need to use normal stream spring water.

What meals are provided and do we need to carry anything during the trek?

We are provided with all the meals on the trek like breakfast in the morning, lunch and snacks packed and something to eat as soon as we camp and then dinner. All meals are vegetarian except that eggs are available for breakfast.

How about meals on first and last day when staying in the hotel?

Lunch is not provided in the hotel on first day ( the day we land in Manali) and last day.

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