Well, I never even knew what a trek was meant to be. I and in fact our trek group recall and laugh at a stupid question I asked and you know what the question was ? Okay let me tell you , so you get a good laugh as well :). I asked them if we would get to go back to hotel every night and then start back on trek again.

Anyways, so coming back to my topic. My only intention of going for a trek was to spend few days in Himalayas so my health would improve. I had been dealing with problem of heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycles which was taking me in to depression. After dealing with the issue for years and realizing the side effects of the medicines I was taking, I decided to quit and go the natural way. It was exactly around this time when Mala Ma’am posted about the trek and without even asking what it was I said I am coming. With time, I got to know what trek was supposed to be and prepared accordingly. As soon as I entered the area where I could see those high Himalayan peaks, rivers, forests , green tall trees all over, my heart started pumping and smile all over my face with sparkles in those eyes. My reaction was like

” OH MY GOD!!! That’s Heaven on earth, why did I not come here before”

Well, little did I know that the best was yet to come. The weather is awesome there, the food is so light and the environment so clean that your body feels all lite and comfortable. i could actually feel my body and listen to it .

It was initially difficult for me on the first day , but thanks to the guides they were very supportive and helpful. I was the one at the end of all. However, Hemant, the guide explained me the techniques of how to walk, how to trick your mind to not look above, kept me involved with his talks to divert my attention from the difficulty and pain. Once, I was a little up I started enjoying the mountains, that lush greenery all over, the streams and the path.

Each and every moment on the trek was a life I loved. I had wonderful time with people , the food was amazing, that silence in the mountains, listening to my favorite music, I mean everything literally each and every moment and bit. After a week’s trek and back to my usual life I had my periods and you know I was astonished to see so much improvement that did not happen even after taking so many treatments and medicines overs months . Can you imagine my happiness quotient? There was no pain this time and I was so happy to see the changes. It is then I decided to do trekking regularly. After some pondering I realized these changes came as part of the below I experienced

  • Travelling makes me happy
  • Nature is the best healer Seeing those beautiful places, trees, landscapes, streams and feeling that fresh air within can make anyone heal instantly
  • Spending some time with oneself is so enriching.You get to know yourself more and more on every visit. knowing yourself is so important if you want to live your life and nature is the best teacher. You listen to the Universe’s signals more clearly.
  • The environment is so fresh that you can listen to your body more clearly.
  • It gave me courage to stand for myself because I cannot miss the bliss I experience in those mountains

One point I would definitely like to mention here is to have a good experience on your first trek. The experience of your first trek decides how you take your journey further. I am thankful that my first trek was an amazing experience because of the organizers.

Someone has very well said

” And in the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul “

Doesn’t it make you feel the firs trek was the start of new era for me? I so want all my friends to go trek and also spend some good times making memories with them.